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As an avid sports fan, this homeowner wanted his great room to have multiple television screens for simultaneous viewing. Definitive Concepts, Inc., a CEDIA member company from Virginia Beach, designed this one-of-a-kind video wall that showcases a large 80" television and four smaller 46" video displays.

Best of all, Definitive Concepts networked the media system, allowing the homeowner to choose viewing options from several media platforms - and control it all right from his iPad! When he wasn't watching television, the homeowner could display photo feeds from the Internet, family photos, professional video artwork and anything else available in digital form.

Customer Wish-List

  • Hidden Installation: This sports fan wanted the room's four televisions to be concealed when not in use.
  • System to Support Proper Ventilation of Equipment: Because virtually all of the equipment was hidden in custom-built cabinets, it needed a ventilation system to prevent overheating.

The Challenges

  • Avoiding a Grid-Like Video Wall: In discussions about the design, the client was concerned that the wall would have a grid appearance that distracted from the overall viewing experience.

The Solutions

Grid-Free Video Wall: To avoid a grid-like appearance, Definitive Concepts suggested a fifth TV and a motorized video wall, allowing movies and television to be viewed on a large display. Along with the four secondary displays that were originally planned, this addition gave the client five simultaneous viewing sources.

Cabinet Design: To hide the video screens and prevent them from becoming the room's focal point, Definitive Concepts built the displays into a custom cabinet and used the screens to display video art when they weren't in use. An innovative cabinet design hid the screens, drawing the eye to the art - not the screens.

Five-Screen Video Wall: Definitive Concepts designed the four-screen video wall to split in the center (two screens to the left and two to the right) and move to the outside edges of the cabinet, revealing the 80" LCD hidden behind them. When the wall is fully open, the 80" LCD motorizes 4.5" forward so all screens are on an even plane. Five video sources are displayed and the user can select from five HD DVR boxes, a Blu-ray player, AppleTV or gaming consoles.

Hidden 80" TV: Definitive Concepts also accommodated mechanical parts that move the video wall and hide the 80" TV (the fifth TV) when it isn't in use. The motorized 80" TV bracket, 46" monitor brackets, tracks and other miscellaneous parts were custom-built per Definitive Concepts specifications. The design incorporates a slider system known for its silent operation and compact size.

Ventilation System: An elaborate ventilation system serves three primary purposes:

  • HVAC return air inlet
  • Air inlet for the equipment ventilation
  • Outlet for the subwoofer

With the builder's help, the ductwork is hidden by the cabinet with no visible grills or soffits to disrupt the clean lines of the cabinetry.

Project Partners

Exquisite Custom Cabinets
Norfolk, VA
(757) 625-5622
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Home Technology Professional
Definitive Concepts, Inc.
596 Central Drive, Ste. 106
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
(757) 463-9850
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