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This home cinema was constructed as a private theater for one of China's most successful film directors. As such, the picture and audio needed to be of "reference" quality -- after all, this movie-maker desired to see theatrical works as they were intended, including his own.

The room slated for the cinema was problematic, since the dimenisons created a less-than-optimum footprint: The room was simply too long to give every viewer an identical experience. The team from Beijing Tian Hai Bei Fang System-Integration Tech cut the room into thirds, creating a wall at the rear of the space to house equipment and isolate projector noise and other interference from the viewing space.

After installing and calibrating a surround-sound audio system and a screen with motorized masking to adjust to any film format, the team then integrated all the media sources so that the homeowner could instantly call up everything from his last film to a cable television show from a single touch screen. The sources include a "Jetreel" media server, which allows the viewing of a film the very week it's released.

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Home Technology Professional
Beijing Tian Hai Bei Fang System-Integration Tech
E111 No. 46, Fangja Hutong Dongcheng District
Beijing, China 100007
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Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure
This luxurious whole-house integration enhances both the practical and aesthetic potential of this London property.
E-Anxiety Relieved
E-Anxiety Relieved
This homeowner had "e-anxiety" about complex home tech, but this reliable and intuitive system alleviated his fears.
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