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Automation systems are not limited to brick and mortar structures. The SY Mondango is proof of that.

This 186-foot yacht has a specialized mobile automation system designed by Liquid Automation Ltd., a CEDIA member in New Zealand. As a home away from home, this luxurious floating environment serves as a retreat for many guests, so the clients wanted a system that was simple to use without compromising any features or functionality.

Customer Wish List

The clients wanted an automation system that was:

  • Reliable and discreet
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Centralized so any function could be controlled from anywhere


The size and complexity of the mobile platform is itself a challenge. Additionally, the space onboard the vessel was very limited so the firm needed to figure out how to distribute the equipment in a way that remained functional and serviceable.


Hidden Installation: In order to achieve discretion, the majority of equipment is completely hidden from plain view:

  • TVs are hidden and automated so they appear only when video sources are selected.
  • Ceiling mount speakers have been custom-colored to match the deck head materials.
  • Leather tapestry artwork rolls away to reveal a 103" plasma.
  • In-wall speakers and subwoofers are hidden away in the custom cabinetry design.

Audio/Video System: The system includes 17 audio and video zones, plus six audio-only zones. Content is transported throughout the boat via fiber optic cabling in order to provide optical isolation from any potential interference as is common in high-density cabling environments such as a boat. The captain has the ability to mute the entire vessel in case of emergency.

User Interface: All functionality is easily controlled via dedicated remotes and iPads, both equipped with a custom-designed user interface that allows guests to access a range of entertainment and environmental options. The remotes and iPads are housed in magnetic chargers that are integrated into the cabinetry to provide a discreet, solid mounting platform with no visible wires.

Lighting System: A full lighting system is controlled from dedicated keypads and iPads. It includes different load types, a large number of LEDs, and feature lighting and lighting scenes for every room.

Navigation System: Liquid Automation created a real-time navigation display that includes gauges for ship speed, water temperature, wind speed, and wind direction.

PC Network: An enterprise-grade wireless system ensures seamless operation of an AV system, which is primarily controlled from iPads that roam from place to place.

Equipment Racks: Dedicated air handlers keep rack equipment at optimum operating temperatures. Racks are temperature and humidity monitored with warnings and automatic shutdowns at 40 and 45 degrees Celsius respectively.

Project Partners

Home Technology Professional
Liquid Automation
Unit 4 / 40 Arrenway Drive
Rosedale, North Shore, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
+649 4795415
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Alloy Yachts
6 The Concourse
Henderson, Waitakere 0610, New Zealand
+64 (0)9 838 7350
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