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This client is an architect who envisioned a smart home with home automation solutions that were convenient and easy to use, but he was skeptical of relying on technology as the key component of overall design.

ZIO Group, a CEDIA member firm in Winter Park, Florida, set out to alleviate his concern and build a smart home system with almost every conceivable technology.

Customer Wish-List

  • Ease of Use: The client wanted the automation to be intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Invisibility: As much as possible, the technology - including two large entertainment systems - needed to be virtually invisible.
  • Clean Design: Any visible technology needed to maintain the home's modern décor with clean, simple lines.

The Challenges

The project was part of a national home show, requiring ZIO Group to partner with specific vendors and adhere to a very short construction schedule.

The Solutions

Integrated Home System: The integrated home system includes:

  • Two entertainment systems
  • Seven zones of digital video distribution
  • A centralized Blu-ray player and Apple TV accessible in every room
  • 14 zones of audio with eight different sources
  • Whole home lighting control
  • 13 motorized shades
  • Six exterior IP video surveillance cameras with advanced motion analytics
  • IP video intercom station at the front door
  • A 32-zone burglar alarm system with cellular communications
  • An enterprise-grade Ethernet network with robust Wi-Fi network and Internet router
  • Control of the pool and various water features

Home Control Systems: The home's technology systems are integrated with a system that runs on a Mac, completely configured, deployed and maintained from the cloud. The system relies on app modules and is configurable from any web browser.

Best of all, it has the standard iOS look and feel that is comfortable for the client. Each room in the house has a "homepage" that allows the most commonly used systems - such as lighting, security or climate - to be highlighted for easy accessibility. The client can create scenes such as "home," "away," or "entertain" to trigger adjustments in lights, shades, music, TVs, and climate.

Hidden Projection/Entertainment System: Using its own in-house fabrication capabilities, ZIO Group integrated a custom-built projector lift system that conceals the projector. They also worked with a cabinet fabricator to hide the home's two media systems.

Project Partners

Home Technology Professional
ZIO Group, LLC
2273 Lee Road Suite 100
Winter Park, FL 32789
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