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This one-of-a-kind installation completely hid a 55-inch TV in a family's bar and lounge area. Station Earth, a CEDIA member in Ontario, Canada, so effectively hid equipment that there was no hint of it when the TV wasn't in use. Best of all, when it is revealed, the surprised guests are delighted even more that the TV is viewable from anywhere in the room!

Customer Wish List

The TV was to be completely hidden and undetectable when not in use.


Because the client didn't want even the slightest detection of the TV or equipment when the TV wasn't in use, Station Earth was unable to use any of the traditional methods for concealing a TV, such as lifts, ceiling drops or floor raisers - all of which leave telltale signs of hidden equipment.


To achieve the client's goal, Station Earth worked with industrial automation engineers to develop a unique solution for the room. The design team also collaborated with the builder, interior designer, and various craftsmen, including welders, fabricators, plasma cutters, and glass and mill workers.

The end result is a 55-inch Samsung 1080p TV that is totally concealed in the mirror panels of the bar area. Here's how:

  • A hidden automated mechanism is welded to a 10-foot I-beam that is bolted to the concrete foundation floor for structural integrity. All material used in the construction of the mount is stainless steel. All accompanying products used to put the mount in motion are comprised of the highest-grade industrial components.
  • An 8-lb. force actuator moves a mirror cover that rides on custom-designed drawer and slides off to the left.
  • A 1,500-lb. force actuator swings the TV outwards as it tilts to 180 degrees for viewing.
  • A 15-lb. force actuator rotates the TV to just the right viewing angle.

A Programmable Logic Controller was designed, constructed, and programmed to execute all movements with precision. The entire system is controlled via a handheld remote, a smartphone, a mounted touch panel, or a tablet, and is able to be fully integrated into the home's control and automation system.

Project Partners

Home Technology Professional
Station Earth
766 Tower Street South
Fergus, ON N1M 2R3, Canada
(519) 843-3474
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Craig Frede
Ontario | Canada
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Sonnarc Custom Homes
Waterloo, ON | Canada
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Interior Designer
Home Settings
Ontario | Canada
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Specialty Consultant
Barber Glass
Guelph, ON | Canada
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CNC and Stainless Steel
Macadam (Mac) Foy - Trademark Industrial
Kichener, ON | Canada
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