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The client wanted to turn an empty - and dated - media room into a modern 7.1 custom home theater. Signals Audio Video, Inc., from El Segundo, California, transformed the unused room into a movie and gaming retreat, complete with theater seating, acoustical treatment, and the latest technologies. Best of all, the home theater system and décor were delivered for nearly $50,000 under budget!

Customer Wish-List

  • Budget-Conscious: The client wanted the home theater design, installation and decorating to stay within a strict budget.
  • Spacious Seating: The room needed to comfortably seat a large group of people in order to entertain friends and extended family.
  • Theater Décor: The client wanted guests and family to feel as if they were walking into a theater -- not just another media room.


  • Lack of Space: The space was considered small for the large seating requirements, posing some challenges for the design.

The Solutions

Signals Audio Videos created a warm, comfortable space that felt like a theater from the first step into the room. Solutions included:

  • Seating: To accommodate the desire for more seating, Signals Audio Videos flipped the screen wall to the front and created a raised tier in the rear for an added row of seating.
  • Acoustics: Because the left side drywall was layered over concrete block, the side speakers could not be recessed as they were in the rear of the room. Instead, the team placed bookshelf-style speakers inside a dummy soffit.
  • Home Theater Control System: An integrated home theater control system allows the client to control the projector, screen, lighting, and HVAC within the room. It also includes full Xbox and PS3 gaming.
  • Technologies: 3D, digital media server, Blu-ray, Google TV, and other high-end technologies are integrated into the home theater system to provide a modern movie and gaming experience.

Project Partners

Specialty Consultant
Acoustic Innovations
Boca Raton, FL
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Home Technology Professional
Signals Audio Video, Inc.
126 Penn St.
El Segundo, CA 90245 | USA
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