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With a lobby, powder rooms, a marquee and an elaborate cinema area, California-based Cantara created a home theater reminiscent of the golden era of movies. From both design and technical standpoints, the space provided the client and their guests with a memorable night at the movies. Viewers are fully immersed in a movie-watching event with cinema sound and video that far exceeds the performance of a public theater. The theater creates a truly magical moment at the movies with its grand and stately décor, 18' wide screen, comfortable seating for up to 45 people, balcony, and high-quality digital video and sound.

Customer Wish-List

  • Ultimate Movie-Going Experience: The client's vision for their home theater was as grand as their big screen. They wanted every guest to be awestruck by the room and captivated by the viewing experience.
  • Scalable Seating: The room needed to be large enough to seat a few dozen guests, yet intimate enough for groups as small as six.

The Challenges

  • Magnitude of Project: The sheer size of the room - 16,561 cubic feet - made this project a challenge in terms of project management, trade coordination and fine detail management.
  • Sound System: A large sound system was needed to adequately pressurize the massive room.
  • Balcony Area: An elevated, open area such as a balcony is often more difficult to calibrate sound, adding extra performance considerations for Cantara.

The Solutions

  • Seating: Planning space with other contractors, Cantara created intimate seating groups in a very large room, using sofas, dedicated seats and balcony space. The theater holds up to 45 people, yet remains cozy for groups as small as six.
  • Sound System: The Genelec system was chosen for its significant audio capacity. The system features five subwoofer enclosures for a total of eight powered woofers, 10 surround speakers and three massive screen speakers - 8,400 conservative system watts in all. The entire system is calibrated and tuned to verify phase settings and time alignment, balance five subwoofers, and refine level adjustment between channels.
  • Projection System: With a Stewart CineCurve screen at 18' wide and two 46" LED TVs mounted on the balcony walls, no one misses a moment at the movies. Cantara also set up a convenient, easy-to-use 3D projection system. Through specialized programming, no adjustments are needed to watch 3D content.
  • Hollywood Lobby: Digital movie posters play full motion trailers on a loop when the marquee lights up.

Project Partners

Home Technology Professional
160 McCormick Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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Interior Designer
Slayman Design Associates, Inc.
Laguna Beach, CA
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Hobson Construction, Inc.
Dana Point, CA
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Specialty Consultant
Paradise Theater
Kihei, HI
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