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Creating a connected home for this sprawling estate - which included a heritage house, a large garage, a pool house and an extensive outdoor living space - was no small feat for Graytek, a CEDIA member in British Columbia, Canada.

As part of a larger home renovation, the automation system needed to blend seamlessly into the architectural design of this house, which is over 100 years old. The result was nothing short of spectacular! Graytek integrated multiple sub-systems and buildings into one high-end system that was simple enough for even for the youngest user.

Customer Wish-List

  • A Secure Safeguard: Helping the family manage the security of their property was very important. They wanted to turn lights on quickly, check the house when they were away, and use cameras to view all parts of the property.
  • Extensive + Easy: The family wanted a system that was sophisticated enough to suit their demanding lifestyle, yet easy enough for their young children to use.


  • Dueling Dual Desires: Given the size and age of the home, Graytek needed to balance the client's dual - yet potentially conflicting - desires: maintaining the classic feel of the home and integrating a technologically-advanced system.
  • Insufficient Surfaces: The home's surfaces were mainly wood and stone, with very little drywall. This required extensive communication between Graytek and the interior designer, millwork designer and builder.

The Solutions

  • Control System: The system uses keypads and touchpanels to control audio, lighting, eight HRV zones, five fireplaces and two outdoor heaters. It has a full commercial network with four wireless access points for the property. Floor plan controls make it easy to see the status of every system on the network. Additionally, Graytek programmed multiple global scenes, so the client can set certain modes that control numerous aspects of the system with the push of a single button.
  • Security and Access Control System: The security system is fully integrated with 72 security zones, 14 cameras, and three access control stations that provide intercom to the home phones, car and main gates. Keyfobs trigger specified events that disarm the home, turn on lights and open gates and garage doors.
  • Media System: The system includes seven active video zones - with room to expand - and eight distributed video sources, including cable boxes, Apple TV, and cameras.
  • Audio System: There are 13 audio zones, including an extensive 70V outdoor landscaped system surrounding the pool and hot tub, with satellite speakers and an in-ground subwoofer. There are 19 audio sources, including a turntable, a five-stream music server, and all video sources.
  • Lighting Control System: The centralized lighting system provides control of 210+ indoor and outdoor lighting loads.

Project Partners

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