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This Canadian homeowner knew he wanted to create a connected home, but he was experiencing "e-anxiety" about having to maintain a complex technology system. Graytek Solutions, a CEDIA member in British Columbia, quickly alleviated his fears with a custom-designed system that was fully integrated, reliable and easy to use.

Customer Wish-List

The client had an extensive analog music collection that he wanted to use in a digital capacity.


Glass Walls: Multiple glass walls in the home posed two issues:

  • Speakers were unable to be hidden in the walls.
  • Bright lights impacted room visibility, requiring an elaborate shade system.

Wiring: As a renovation of a fully constructed high-rise unit, the project required use of existing wires. This presented several issues:

  • A heating system prohibited use of the ceiling for add-on wiring or speakers. As a result, speaker wire had to be terminated at different locations than other equipment, requiring a bridge between two rack locations.
  • A fully tiled wall over the existing speaker wire in the bathroom presented a challenge for the bathroom speaker installation as well as the fit and finish.

Limited Space: The client requested the storage room not be used, significantly reducing space for racks and equipment.

The Solutions

Graytek seamlessly integrated the audio, video, and shade systems using touchpanels, keypads, and remotes. Components included:

  • Media System: There are seven distributed audio zones and two independent television zones. The surround-sound zone features a record player as an audio source and has a custom game plate to connect either a laptop or game console.
  • Digital Library: A digital music library was provided using a networked-attached storage unit. Graytek also created a custom audio switch that allowed the client to access the whole-house distributed audio or his computer's audio through bookshelf speakers in his office with the flick of a single switch.
  • Shade System: An extensive shade system - consisting of 21 motorized roller shades with two shade keypads - was designed to be accessible, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • Wired/Wireless Network: A commercial-grade wired and wireless network was integrated into the home and included an in-wall touchpanel, audio keypads, and a stand-alone security system.

In the bathroom, Graytek installed speakers located underneath the floating countertop, allowing them to preserve the original tile while still delivering a worthy sound system.

Because equipment couldn't be stored in the storage room, Graytek collaborated with the interior designer to create a surround-sound system that was aesthetically pleasing, even with speakers and equipment visible in rooms.

Project Partners

Home Technology Professional
116 - 250 Schoolhouse Street
Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V7 | Canada
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