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Cinematic equipment and technology - particularly the audio system - took precedence in this custom home theater. Hometronics, a CEDIA member in Dallas, Texas, designed the theater with a one-of-kind 3D audio experience, completing the first-ever residential Auro 3D system in the U.S.!

Customer Wish List

  • Unparalleled Audio: The client wanted a theater that sounded great at any location, with uniform bass response.
  • Spacious Seating: A four-row theater with a wall-to-wall screen topped the wish list. He also wanted the ability to adjust the size of the screen image at any point to maintain optimal viewing angles from any row.
  • Multi-Screen Viewing Capabilities: The client wanted to be able to watch multiple sporting events simultaneously. He also wanted to connect four Xboxes so he and his sons could enjoy a larger-than-life, multi-user gaming experience.


  • Room Size: The length of room required more than twice the number of speakers of a typical theater. This impacted every decision, including room framing, the electrical system's capacity, speaker placement, wiring, and acoustics.
  • New Technology: Because the Auro 3D audio format is so new, even in commercial applications, it was a work in progress to incorporate it into a relatively small residential space.


Audio System: The audio system served as the foundation of the home theater. It incorporated Auro 3D, the newest in audio technology with a 3D audio format. With 30 loudspeakers, 14 subwoofers, and 55 amplifier channels, this 15.1 audio system delivered an unmatchable cinematic audio experience.

Audio was further enhanced through:

  • Acoustically transparent screen and masking materials
  • Speakers in an interior acoustical wall
  • Below-the-screen subwoofers encased in 6" of concrete to eliminate cabinet resonance
  • 10 subwoofers around the theater for bass canceling
  • Isolated HVAC system
  • Sound absorption panels that relegate fan noise

Projection System: Hometronics chose a 4K projector for its ultra-high-definition video format and ability to display four full-resolution images simultaneously.

Control System: Custom-designed modules were created so users of all ages can easily select, control, and direct multi-view sources to the screen in any aspect ratio or screen size to fit their desired viewing angles.

Room Layout: Hometronics recommended that the room be made 4' wider and 5' deeper to accommodate interior acoustical walls 2' in from the perimeter boundary wall. Not only did this allow the speakers to sound as if they were freestanding, it also allowed Hometronics to conceal speakers, acoustic diffusers, and technology - adding to the overall clean architectural look.

Project Partners

Home Technology Professional
HomeTronics, Inc.
17819 Davenport Rd, Suite 210
Dallas, TX 75252
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