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With a spa pool and an ocean view, this homeowner wanted to finish off his backyard haven with a fully-integrated entertainment system. Simply Sight & Sound, a CEDIA member in Huntington Beach, California, was
contracted to design and install a backyard AV system that was controlled via iPhones and iPads; enabled video, DirecTV and streaming music; and blended seamlessly and naturally as possible into the backyard.

Customer Wish-List

  • Preserving the View: With a beautiful ocean view accentuated by city lights in the background, it was very important to the client not to add anything that would disturb the ambiance of the backyard.
  • Respecting neighbor boundaries: While the client wanted to cover the whole backyard area with sound, the design and layout had to be done in a way that didn't disturb neighbors and disturb their own backyard havens.


Identifying a hidden installation for mounting the TV that fit with the customer's wishes was a challenge in itself. Several iterations were proposed before the client landed on a solution.

The Solutions

  • TV Enclosure: Simply Sight & Sound worked closely with the client's general contractor to move some of the spa equipment and piping to accommodate a 70" Sharp LED TV that was affixed to a swivel lift inside a weatherproof enclosure. The unique location of the enclosure makes it appear as if the TV disappears into the spa when not in use.
  • Outdoor Sound Performance: Five yard speakers were installed for occasions when the client is entertaining and wants sound to be heard throughout the backyard. Positioned on custom-built telescoping mounts, the yard speakers can be raised or lowered, as needed, from behind an adjacent retaining wall. For everyday viewing, Simply Sight & Sound attached two speakers to the TV. This allows the client to hear the TV over the spa jets without having to turn the yard speakers.
  • Housing Rack: All the source AV equipment and the control system were installed inside the main house.
  • One-Button Control: With the touch of a total control button, the LED TV rises from what appears to be the center of the infinity spa. Once raised, the client can watch DirecTV, Blu-ray movies, or AppleTV with the press of one button. Likewise, one button shuts down the whole backyard system and lowers the LED TV into its weatherproof housing.

Project Partners

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Home Technology Professional
Simply Sight & Sound, Inc.
6551 Marilyn Dr.
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