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This vessel, customized by Liquid Automation, is a 144-foot (43.9 meter) yacht that serves both as “home away from home” and space for entertaining guests. To that end, the yacht features many touches that make it feel as welcoming as any dwelling on land.

The yacht has nine different zones for audio and video entertainment, with three more for audio only. There are three navigation stations throughout the craft and a security system which includes a camera mounted to the mast. That camera is accessible both by the bridge and the guests aboard – the latter can dial up a bird’s-eye view of their surroundings from any of the televisions on the boat. There is a “lockout” feature allowing the captain and the owner to control the camera exclusively if need be, since guests can point the camera in any direction from the control panels through the craft.

The distributed audio and video (as well as navigation data) is carried via a fiber-optic network. All of the content may be muted and overridden by the captain and owner in case of an emergency. The ship’s satellite television system allows for a variety of decoders, so the yacht will be able to receive TV signals at any point on the globe.

Special care was taken to both maximize the limited space aboard this vessel and to ensure that all the mountings, cable couplings, and control features could withstand a taxing marine environment. The ship’s climate controls include systems that mitigate the effects of humidity and temperature swings on electronics, and the incredibly intuitive keypads that control the ship’s hidden devices are all waterproof.


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