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A home theater system takes viewing TV and movies to an enhanced level. Systems may include but are not limited to flat-screen TVs, Blu-ray/DVD players, gaming consoles, cable or satellite receivers, audio receivers and speakers. To round out the home theater experience, special lighting and seating can be included as well.

Home Theater System

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Sometimes home theater systems are referred to as media rooms or movie rooms. The concept of a screening or movie room is not a new idea. For decades, movie aficionados have incorporated a single room just for watching movies in the privacy of their own home. Today, a multi-media room or home theater can become a gathering place for every member of the family as well as guests. Screen new video releases or enjoy watching your own home movies.

A qualified CEDIA member home technology professional can work with you to design and install the ideal home theater system to fit your specific entertainment needs. When consulting with a CEDIA professional, it is important to have an idea how your home theater room will be used. Will it be an exclusive place for viewing movies? Will it be a multi-media room with cable or satellite connection, a gaming console and audio components? A customized home theater system has numerous possibilities.



The primary components of most home theater systems include the display unit, the audio/video receiver, speakers and sources such as a Blu-ray player and/or cable/satellite receiver. When these components are configured properly, your family may prefer to watch movies at home instead of paying for pricey movie tickets. 

Display unit

Any home theater system requires a device for watching movies and other programming. A contractor can help you decide which unit will work best in your home theater setting. Options include a flat-screen television (either plasma or LCD), a rear projection television set or even a front projector that projects the movie on a screen much like a commercial movie theater.

Audio/video receiver

An audio/video receiver is an important element in home theater system design. If you want surround sound, this device makes it happen. The audio/video receiver can amplify the sound and even adjust the audio settings to match the type of movie being watched for an optimal viewing experience.


Speakers can both enhance and blend in with the room's décor. A professional CEDIA home theater installer can create a truly immersive home theater experience with surround sound. Surround-sound setup options include 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and more. Optimal placement and calibration of your surround-sound speakers will ensure clarity of dialogue and powerful yet balanced sound, transporting you into the on-screen action.

Sources: Blu-ray players and satellite/cable receivers

A Blu-ray player offers the best quality of video definition at 1080p. It's a versatile player, also capable of playing your old DVDs. Certain gaming consoles come with a built-in Blu-ray player and may be a consideration for a media room or home theater. Another common content source for media rooms and home theaters is a satellite or cable television receiver, which often also allows access to music sources.
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