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More than two million American homes fell victim to burglaries in 2009, according to the United States Census Bureau. Today's modern home security systems do more than just protect your home from intruders. A security system may include protection sensors that also monitor for fire and smoke. This extra precaution protects your family, pets and property whether you are home or away.

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Every homeowner or renter should practice basic home security. This responsibility includes always locking doors and windows, especially when not at home. Suspend newspaper and mail delivery if you're gone for an extended period of time. In addition, it's important to make it difficult for intruders to enter your home. Keeping bushes, trees and other foliage trimmed back will reduce potential hiding places for burglars. Foliage can obscure windows, providing a good cover as an intruder attempts to break in. A home security system also can play a significant role in keeping your home safe.

According to the FBI, in 2009, "burglaries of residential properties accounted for 72.6 percent of all burglary offenses." A home security system may be the ideal solution to keep your family, home and belongings safe. Security sensors installed indoors and out can detect intruders and alert you and the authorities when the alarm is tripped. Systems can be designed to allow you to move about freely without the fear of setting off the alarm inadvertently. Inside, panic buttons can be installed. When activated from any room, the alarm will sound, alerting authorities that you are in need of help.

Burglaries accounted for 4.6 million dollars in lost property in 2009, according to the FBI. Protect your family, belongings and home by installing a security system. A professionally installed home security system can be customized to fit your budget and security needs. It can include components such as outdoor and indoor sensors, fire/smoke alarms and panic buttons placed within the home.

Outdoor sensors

A CEDIA professional can install sensors at multiple entry points, including front and back doors, side garage doors and garage-to-home doors. Homeowners also may desire window sensors for ground-level windows. A perimeter sensor uses an infrared ray that senses when someone enters an area of the property uninvited. Don't worry about setting the alarm off when you enter. The system can be programmed with enough time for you to get in and disarm the system.

Indoor sensors

A home security system should extend to inside the house as well. Sensors can be configured so your daily life is not hampered by unintentionally setting off alarms. Indoor sensors can provide overnight protection without being tripped by pets. These can include motion-detector sensors positioned near entry points and stairways leading to bedrooms. Sensors that detect breaking windows are an additional option.

Video surveillance

Businesses use surveillance cameras to protect their property and employees; home surveillance cameras work in a similar way. A home security system can include camera surveillance technology that ties into a DVR system and actually allows the homeowner to monitor their home when they are away.

The monitoring company

A home security system must be connected to a company that monitors the alarm. When an alarm is tripped, the company notifies the local police and/or fire department as well as you and anyone else you have designated as an emergency contact.


While most homes already have fire/smoke alarms, connecting those alarms to the home security system adds another level of protection. In addition, panic buttons installed as wall-mount keypads or as remote key fobs offer a way to trigger the alarm manually.


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