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What's a home theater system without the right lighting? You don't want overly bright or misdirected lights creating harsh glares on the screen when watching your favorite movie. Lighting in any room enhances the mood, and home theater lighting should be no different. A lighting system also can go beyond the TV room. With a home lighting system, you can create the perfect ambiance for the TV room, control lighting in more than one room, and even schedule when lights turn on and off.

Home Lighting Systems
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A home lighting system is much more than just a few lamps set to a programmable timer. A comprehensive custom lighting system allows you to control lighting in multiple rooms, per light as well as groups of lights. You can program the system to turn one set of lights on 30 minutes before you arrive home from work and another to turn off one hour after you have gone to bed for the evening. The combinations are endless and can be customized to fit your needs.

A professionally installed home lighting system does not have to break the budget. The system is adaptable and can be added to over time. In addition, lighting systems that incorporate dimmers can help lower energy costs. Using a system designed to turn off lights automatically when no one is in the room is another way to reduce energy consumption and save money or act as a home safety device. A system that includes an astronomic time clock will allow you to turn on outside lights 10 to 15 minutes before sunset. The astronomic time clock will keep in sync with the changing sunrise and sunset times of your area.

A qualified CEDIA installer can work with new homes or existing homes to design and create a home lighting system to fit the household's needs.



Forget setting a timer on the living room lamp or adjusting the lights near the television to eliminate glare on the screen. A home lighting system makes lighting easy and enhances the overall look of multiple rooms. The system can be programmed and controlled with a dimmer, keypad or even touch screen depending upon the system installed.


Whether your home theater system is in a living room, basement, or its own special location, a lighting system allows you to create the perfect lighting for any viewing experience. Lights can be installed as spots, overhead lighting or cinema-style wall sconces. Set the scene with lights that automatically dim as the movie begins, remain low during the movie, and then rise as the end credits begin.


The kitchen is the hub of the household. Incorporating the kitchen into the home lighting system allows you to have appropriate lighting for everything from intimate dinners to everyday cooking. Lighting "scenes" can be programmed to provide ample light over the preparation and cooking area and a softer light over the eating area. Set a dimmer light over a countertop to 10 percent to serve as a nightlight.

Outdoor lighting

A house that has ample lighting outdoors may deter intruders. If the intruder can be seen easily in the light, they are unlikely to attempt a break-in. A home lighting system can use an astronomic time clock to adjust to the varying times for sunset and sunrise. Outdoor lighting can be programmed to turn on just before sunset or turn off just before sunrise. With a dimmer, porch lights can be set to full brightness when visitors are expected and to 50 percent at other times.

The combinations and applications of a home lighting system are numerous. Consult a CEDIA member installer for tips, ideas and design information.



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