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The "Smart House" is no longer the dream of science fiction writers;
it's now a reality.

Update an ordinary home with automation worthy of
the 21st century.




Home automation can be a technological marvel. It can be as simple as a system to regulate the on/off of outdoor lighting or complex enough to raise and lower window coverings each morning and night, remember and play a favorite music playlist at your parties and monitor your home for safety from intruders.

A home automation system consists of multiple electronic devices and systems linked together into one main control system that functions as the "brain" of the home. The central control receives and sends data to each device connected to the automation system. Devices and systems can be controlled using timers or triggers. For example, programming an outdoor light to turn on when movement passes its sensor is a triggered activity. Setting a living room light to turn on each night at 5 p.m. is a timed activity.

Many items in the home can be connected to an automation system. These include lights, window coverings such as shades and blinds, alarm systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, entertainment systems, outdoor irrigation systems and pool or spa elements such as pre-heating and pump failure notification.



Home automation can make everyday living a bit easier - and even safer. Multiple systems can be connected to a central hub that enables control from within the house as well as remotely from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Applications for home automation systems include:


A home automation system can be set so that outdoor lights turn on 15 minutes before sunset so you never arrive home to a dark property, or so that a back-door light turns on if its sensor detects movement. More complex logic can allow the system to execute commands based on certain conditions; for example, "if this light sensor is triggered and the time is between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., then turn the light on to 50 percent power."


Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system can be automated to save energy by automatically raising or lowering temperature set points based on time of day and occupancy.


Your home automation system can be integrated to manage your lawn irrigation system. It can also allow you to pre-heat your spa or be notified of a failure in your pool's pump.


Your system can be set to welcome you home from work with your favorite streaming audio channel playing in the kitchen. Or, call up your favorite party playlist at the press of a button.

…And More

Motorized window blinds can be set to raise and lower at specific times. Turn on an electric fireplace from another room in the house to get the room warming before entering. Automate home theater lighting and audio for parties or family movie night.

A qualified CEDIA member electronic systems integrator can work with you to design and create the ideal home automation system to fit your needs. FIND A CEDIA PROFESSIONAL >>

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