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The days of the stereo turntable and old tube televisions have taken a backseat as higher-tech devices move into homes. Home audio and video systems today can be designed to fit specific needs and entertainment preferences.

A basic home theater system encompasses both audio and video, typically including a TV, an audio/video source, system controller, speakers and the wiring to make it all happen. It is more than just a way to watch your favorite movies and listen to the best music. It's an entertainment experience complete with unforgettable sound.


Home audio does not have to be limited to a family room or living room only. Whole-house audio systems put the music where you are, whether you are chopping vegetables in the kitchen or enjoying a bubble bath in the master bathroom. A professionally installed home audio/video system allows you to maximize your entertainment enjoyment.

A qualified CEDIA installer can create a home audio/video setup for your home that includes a multi-room audio system. This system allows one family member to listen to music in a bedroom, while another is listening to their own music in the kitchen and yet another is enjoying surround sound in the family room while watching a movie.

A whole-house audio system can be set up to stream music from your favorite source, including services such as Pandora and Spotify. Don't worry about unsightly speakers. Today's multi-room audio systems can be designed to blend into your home's décor.

Another important element to an audio/video system is surround sound in the room where you primarily watch movies. Surround sound can take the viewing experience to the next level. Forget about paying for high-priced movie theater tickets. Watching movies in surround sound can make it feel like you are right in the middle of the action.

Whether complex or basic, a quality audio/video setup is the heart of any home entertainment system. 



The basic home audio/video system usually features an audio/video source, a television, some form of system controller, speakers, and wiring to tie it all together. Some systems may include a high-definition television, satellite or cable receiver box, gaming system, Blu-ray or DVD player and a source for music. A multi-room audio/video system takes the home theater to the next level and allows you to enjoy your music in more than one room in the house. These systems are not complicated to use and can be installed professionally by a CEDIA member company.

Where's my audio coming from?

Your audio source may be the satellite or cable receiver box, a stereo radio or CD player or even from an iPod. A multi-room audio system also can connect to streaming music from services such as Spotify, Pandora and iTunes radio.

How is it connected?

Some multi-room audio systems can be connected through existing wiring. This setup allows you to listen to music in multiple rooms, which can be ideal when hosting a party. In addition, different music can be listened to in different rooms. A keypad may be installed by an existing outlet or electrical switch that allows you to control the audio in that particular room. The wiring will connect the audio/video source to the various room speakers.

How do I use it?

Audio/video control systems vary. Many systems can be controlled through a keypad or touchpanel that offers multiple features, including the ability to control music volume in each room. Some whole-house systems can even be controlled via an iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.



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