CEDIA Certifications

CEDIA Certifications

Ensure you work with a professional who is qualified and trained.

Hiring a home technology professional can seem daunting. CEDIA has made it easy for homeowners to feel confident in their selection. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that the professional working in your home is qualified, trained, and service-oriented. CEDIA certified professionals have met vigorous industry standards and have been formally educated and specially trained. In addition, CEDIA member companies have agreed to the CEDIA Code of Ethics, perhaps the most highly regarded standard in the home technology industry.

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CEDIA Certification is what consumers should look for when selecting a home technology professional. It not only provides peace-of-mind, but it also helps consumers easily identify a qualified home technology professional from those who have not been properly trained or have not taken the extra steps to validate their education and training through certification. 

CEDIA Professional Certification quantifies and qualifies the level of knowledge an individual possesses and how well they have learned to apply the training to their work. CEDIA Certified Professionals are required to maintain their certification status through continuing education. The CEDIA requirement to earn ongoing continuing education units demonstrates that the certified professional is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for performance.

Make sure to ask your local home technology professional if they are CEDIA Certified.

CEDIA offers the following certifications:

United States, Canada, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific:

  • ESC Certification: The ESC Certification is a general-knowledge credential for individuals who work in the home technology industry.
  • ESC-T: The ESC-T Certification represents a greater knowledge of the technical expertise that forms the foundation of the industry.
  • ESC-D: The ESC-D Certification covers needs analysis, project design, documentation, and design management. Most professionals who sit for this certification exam have five or more years of experience.
  • ESC-N: The ESC-N Certification represents a mastery of designing, installing, and configuring a network in the home. 


  • ESC Certification is currently avialable, more will be offered soon.

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