What Is the Cloud? And What Does It Have to Do With Your Home Systems?

June 18, 2012 | Comments

If you've used a computer or surfed the Internet recently, you have likely encountered the term, "the cloud" or read about "cloud computing."

This term refers to storing or streaming data or information remotely — in "the cloud" — and then using the Internet to access and retrieve this information.

Storing information in the cloud has its distinct advantages:

  • Free up local storage. By storing the data remotely, it takes up no space on local hard disk drives.
  • Easily share. With data stored in the cloud, it is easy to share and disseminate information between many people or between a variety of locations. Files are accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet.
  • Back up your files.The cloud also serves as protection for your precious data. Backing up information at an off-site location where it can't be damaged or lost due to any fire, flood, theft or virus that may strike your local storage adds peace of mind. If you have ever had that flash of panic and thought, "Did I just lose all of my pictures/music/files?!" then you can imagine how comforting it can be to be able to retrieve and restore all of that data with just a few clicks.

Streaming from the cloud offers virtually limitless entertainment options and is one of the hottest trends in home audio/video systems.

To learn more about having a cloud-capable whole-house entertainment system with the latest features installed in your home, search for a local qualified CEDIA member home technology professional near you.