Specialized Applications

Specialized Applications

If you ask your electronic systems integrator if something is possible, the answer is usually "yes." Innovative technologies are enabling things we would never have thought possible just a few short years ago.

These courses will show how home tech can help you think outside the box…and how to bring it all together intuitively for your clients.

Designing to Disguise: The Art of Hiding Technology - This course reviews the three-pronged approach to hiding technology: advance planning, design philosophy and product selection.

Designing Integrated Future Ready Homes* - Understand the benefits of preparing a home for technology and learn how to ensure that the homeowner gets the most from their living environment.

Digital Signage Solutions - This course offers a definition of digital signage and examines how this industry is projected to grow and change over time.


*This course is offered by CEDIA EMEA members only. Please contact CEDIA EMEA for more details.


"In a down market we have searched for a way to differentiate ourselves from our competition. The one thing that has allowed us to rise above the crowd has been our knowledge of cutting-edge home technology. Thank you CEDIA for giving us that edge!"

Tony C., Builder and Architect
Cuyahoga Falls, OH