Resources & Guides

Resources & Guides

At this point, you’ve likely explored the ways connected home technology can enhance family life and have an idea of the capabilities and features you'd like to learn more about. What will it take to install the type of system you have in mind? Will it be easy to operate? Unobtrusive?

Now it's time to use CEDIA's Finder Service to locate a qualified home technology professional in your area.

It's important to prepare for the meeting so your home technology integrator can develop a proposal that accurately reflects your vision and stays within your budget.

Planning & Budgeting Tools

A CEDIA home technology professional will help you determine the best solutions for a realistic budget, but here you will find some planning guides to get you started.

Tips & Insights

We've been doing this a while and are happy to share our tips of the trade with you. Browse these insights to make sure your home technology project is a success.


Developed by CEDIA EMEA, serving Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and Russia

CEDIA's Recommended Wiring Guidelines document provides electricians, developers, and self-builders with information on the cabling infrastructure necessary to support the technology typically required for the modern home.


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