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The decor might've tipped you off: the owner of this home theater is a rock devotee -- the classic stuff through heavy metal -- and watches a lot of concert footage.

Since music -- loud music -- is at the heart of this cinema, the room had to produce big, clean sound that could hit a much-higher-than-avearge 110 decibels without any distortion. Powerful amps coupled with very efficient speakers and booming subwoofers provide an immersive, 3D sound experience. The high ceiling -- which made for poor acoustics -- was lowered, and the team from Home Control and Audio managed to squeeze a massive screen into a fairly small spcae. The room's also sound isolated: space was taken from another room in the house to isolate the projector and create a deciated equipment area. The "floating" floor and airlock doors also help to keep sound inside and prevent outside sound from intruding.

After tuning and calibrating the sound and picture, the room's lighting was then programmed for specific scenes, from low light for entering and exiting to full-on illumination to sweep up stray popcorn. All the controls, from movie selection to lights-out, are accomplished with the sngle push of a button on an iPad.

Project Partners

Specialty Consultant
Wavetrain Cinemas
10/1­13 Atkinson Road
Taren Point, NSW 2229 AU
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Home Technology Professional
Home Control and Audio
P.O. BOX 1324
Sutherland, NSW 1499, AU
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This client wanted to ensure that their new ski chalet offered the latest in technology and entertainment.
Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure
This luxurious whole-house integration enhances both the practical and aesthetic potential of this London property.
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