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This home boasts one of the most carefully constructed layouts of control devices we’ve come across – and each panel has several “layers” of commands.


The customers, a young family with the need for every member of the household to be able to control the home’s systems to some degree, needed intuitive controls to run everything from lighting to a variety of streaming media.


In addition to matching control panels to the natural flow of traffic through this open-concept floor plan, the team at New Space Technologies had to ensure that the radiant-heat floors and security systems all had the ability to communicate with the home’s control panels.


First and foremost, the job called for patient observation. After the family had moved in, New Space worked with the homeowners, noting the flow of traffic through the home and locating control devices at the most logical points around the first floor. The design of the control devices themselves was an equally painstaking process, as New Space reviewed six possible solutions over a 50-hour evaluation process. The resulting control system is quick and responsive, and hides complex commands from casual users while allowing a more involved user to dig deeper into the settings.

The home’s radiant heat floor system is divided into several zones, and like the hidden warming feature, much of the building’s smart technology is hidden from view. New Space discovered that they had to re-engineer some devices in the vast network of gear inside this house, and special care was taken to perfect the home’s lighting – New Space logged a great many hours collaborating with the project’s architects and interior designers.

In addition to the aforementioned devices, whole-home audio and video systems were installed and calibrated, and New Space also integrated controls for the home’s three fireplaces, outdoor patio heating, skylights, and security cameras – just to name a few.


Project Partners

Home Technology Professional
New Space Technologies
Unit 220 - 285 E.1st Ave
Vancouver BC V5T 1A7
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Evoke International Design
2388 Alberta St.
Vancouver, BC, V5Y 3K7
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CE Miles Construction LTD
#518 – 4438 West 10th Ave.
Vancouver, BC, V6R 4R8
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