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This Nantucket gem – a “clean, slick and modern” affair – was commissioned by a homeowner who’s researched the gear needed to achieve the desired result: the ultimate high-end home cinema. Months of critical listening and testing with Performance Media Industries, LTD, resulted in a room that took the client’s breath away during the screening of the theater’s first film.


The client is an exacting audiophile and videophile – and owns his own aerospace company. As a result, the homeowner wanted the “absolute best of the best” when it came to sound and picture reproduction.


In addition to finding the perfect system for the customer’s refined sensibilities, the room demanded complete sound isolation. The room can’t be heard anywhere else in the home even during the most exciting (not to mention loud) cinematic moments. Additionally, since the theater’s situated directly below the home’s laundry room, the cinema couldn’t be affected by the family’s washing machine’s spin cycle! Sound isolation also keeps out HVAC noise.

The original plans called for two rows of seating on a flat floor, a layout that would’ve made for poor viewing in row two. Performance Media had to reconfigure the room, deviating from the architect’s original plans.


A Digital Projection Titan projector easily moves through the various aspect ratios of films, from the smaller image width of Hollywood classics to wide-screen epics. The room’s lighting scheme includes LED lamps over the seats with a low-level setting to find drinks, snacks, and the theater’s remote during a film without distracting from the immersive-movie experience.

By engineering “decoupled” walls out of special materials, the need for heavy building materials was eliminated. Three different brands of speakers were chosen for individual tasks, allowing the room to provide high-end audio for everything from basic two-channel stereo listening to booming movie-theater effects. Sound and image were meticulously calibrated to meet the homeowner’s standards.

The room was matched to the Crestron system that was used in other parts of the home, integrating the theater’s controls into a network that also includes automated climate, security and lighting systems.


Project Partners

Home Technology Professional
Performance Media Industries, Ltd.
61 Galli Drive, Suite B
Novato, CA 94949
(415) 883-1476
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Specialty Consultant
PMI Ltd.
61 Galli Drive, Suite B
Novato, CA 94949
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Transitional Design
Transitional Design
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