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This home cinema (a CEDIA Award Winner for Best Home Theater: Level I in 2016) is part of a new, Tuscan-style dream home nestled in the California hills. It was lauded by CEDIA's judges as having “light off the screen [that’s] better than commercial theaters.” The client is a self-proclaimed “techie,” so Audio Images installed and calibrated the very latest systems, including a large 4K ULTRA HD display and a 9.4.4 Dolby Atmos (immersive) system.

To keep the installation cost effective while providing “an image large enough to fully express what today’s 4K Ultra HD is meant to show,” the Audio Images team paid close attention to the grain of the screen and utilized the room’s dark finish colors to achieve maximum contrast ratios and the deepest possible blacks.

The screen itself is acoustically transparent, allowing speakers to be hidden behind the screen with no loss of sound quality, and the display was calibrated by a consultant specializing in video engineering. Attention to the immersive audio experience was equally thorough.

The theater’s control package is built for simplicity. An iPad and a Crestron universal remote drive the automation system, which is monitored 24/7 by a platform from the firm Ihiji. DirectTV, Apple TV, video games and a Blu-ray player are hidden just below the fixed projection screen.

Since the Audio Images team was able to work with the homeowner and builder at the earliest stages of construction, the integrators were able to install a resilient floor that both absorbs bass and hides a great deal of the theater's wiring.


Project Partners

Interior Designer
John Henry Designs
103 Ocean Vista
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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Brion Jeanette Architecture
470 Old Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92663
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Home Technology Professional
Audio Images
1582 Parkway Loop, Ste. F
Tustin, CA 92780
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Specialty Consultant
360 N. Hollywood Way, #210
Burbank, CA 91505
(877) 428-4225 x102
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Specialty Consultant
PMI Ltd.
61 Galli Drive, Suite B
Novato, CA 94949
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Corbin Reeves Construction
Costa Mesa, CA
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