Energy & Efficiency

Energy & Efficiency

Part of what makes a "smart home" smart is its ability to help occupants make wiser choices about energy and resources. These courses will give you an overview of how smartly designed technology systems can simplify control over other systems in the home and in many cases help manage consumption of resources.

Lighting Control Illuminated - This course offers an overview of lighting control terminology, benefits and solutions, all presented in easy-to-understand language.

Using Technology Systems to Help Homeowners Live a Greener Life - This course will discuss how electronic devices can work toward reducing a home's carbon footprint.


"In a down market we have searched for a way to differentiate ourselves from our competition. The one thing that has allowed us to rise above the crowd has been our knowledge of cutting-edge home technology. Thank you CEDIA for giving us that edge!"

Tony C., Builder and Architect
Cuyahoga Falls, OH