Designing Integrated Future Ready Homes

Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes

This course is offered by CEDIA EMEA members only. Please contact CEDIA EMEA for more details.


This one hour course has been designed to educate design professionals about the benefits and processes involved in custom installation. The course will also help you understand the benefits of preparing a home for technology and why your clients would want it to be included for consideration.

Course Description

CEDIA members work with architects, specifiers, interior designers, developers and M & E consultants to design suitable systems and install products; either at new build or refurbishment stage. Through extensive education and training our members are best equipped to provide advice on the most suitable solutions available to suit the clients' needs.

CEDIA allows you to obtain referrals to find qualified, reputable and insured design and installation contractors to help you with your project. Through CEDIA, installers now offer a RIBA and BIID accredited CPD training course "Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes" to educate architects, specifiers and developers on the benefits of custom installation and the advantages of working with a CEDIA member to ensure that the homeowner gets the most from their living environment.

Learning Objectives

By using a CEDIA Certified Member, not only will you have one point of contact for your technology requirements, but you'll also be working with someone who understands your needs.

By asking a series of strategic questions, a CEDIA Certified Member is able to gain an insight into the objectives and needs of your client. From there they will work with you to design a customised solution that will exceed both our and the client's expectations.

Continuing Education Credit Values by Association:


Credit: 1 - 4 CPD Points

Credit: 1 CPD Point

SAIA - South Africa
Credit: SACAP Category One CPD credit value: 0.3 credits

IID - South Africa
Credit: SACAP Category One CPD credit value: 0.3 credits

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"In a down market we have searched for a way to differentiate ourselves from our competition. The one thing that has allowed us to rise above the crowd has been our knowledge of cutting-edge home technology. Thank you CEDIA for giving us that edge!"

Tony C., Builder and Architect
Cuyahoga Falls, OH