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Your Guide to Smart Home Wiring

June 3, 2015 | Comments

We all dream of living in a comfortable, secure and energy efficient home. The reality is that technology can now be seamlessly integrated and controlled to deliver these benefits to us all.

The key to unlocking these benefits is a properly designed and installed cabling infrastructure. CEDIA has produced a new video Guide to Smart Home Wiring which introduces consumers, builders and design professionals to this theme, showing how Best Practice cabling is an essential requirement for the internet-connected smart home.

This video looks at how technology is an integral part of a typical family's lifestyle in today's home. It then explains how the right wiring infrastructure can manage and distribute audio-visual, lighting, heating, security, and other data-hungry services effectively within a property whilst, at the same time, helping to minimize electronic box and cable clutter in the home.

CEDIA's Smart Home Recommended Wiring Guidelines is an informative, practical step-by-step guide for anyone interested in home design, building or renovation. Visit www.cedia.org/recommended-wiring-guidelines to download a copy.

For CEDIA members keen to embed the video on their own website, please contact CEDIA for details. Filmed at The Potton Self Build Show Centre, near Cambridge, CEDIA's Guide to Smart Home Wiring showcases an installation carried out by CEDIA EMEA member, thinkingbricks, the preferred home technology consultant and contractor for Potton. The video features products supplied by a range of brands and manufacturers and CEDIA wishes to thank all those who participated in the production of the video for their generous support.