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Tour Award-Winning London Automated Home

April 26, 2013 | Comments

Andrew Lucas London (formerly It's Done! Technology) was brought onto this challenging project to design and plan a seven-storey house integration without compromising the impeccable interior design.

Technology has been used to its full advantage to enhance both the practical and aesthetic potential of the property and has unquestionably added value to this luxury development.

For their work on this project, Andrew Lucas London earned a coveted Highly Commended nod as well as the Best Dressed Rack award in the 2012 CEDIA EMEA Awards.

Follow along on this insider video tour to see the one-of-a-kind technology features in this stunning home:

"Buried Treasure" London Home Automation Tour


Tucked neatly within the fashionable streets of Kensington and Chelsea is a hidden gem of a mews house bursting with life-transforming electronic automation. The beautifully discreet technology ensures that this fully automated seven-storey home, valued at more than 15 million pounds, is fit for Hollywood's finest.

London-based integrator Andrew Lucas London, a member of the industry trade association CEDIA, has created a home that's not just attractive and smart, it provides the ultimate in home entertainment and security, an achievement duly recognised with the prized accolade of a prestigious CEDIA award for technology and installation excellence.

With space at such a premium in cities around the world, intelligent design and integration is key to creating flexible and enjoyable living spaces. An incredible 35 kilometers of cabling infrastructure is embedded within the walls of the property to deliver and distribute this intelligence to every room in the house. The entire home can be operated through Crestron in-wall touch panels, wireless touchscreens, and your iPad.

Gone are the days of endlessly flipping light switches on and off. With the intelligent lighting control system in this property, the homeowner can set the scene for the entire house exactly how it's wanted with a single press of a button.

The giant Samsung plasma screen is flanked by invisible stealth speakers which provide impeccable sound quality.

From choosing a movie in the subterranean cinema room, complete with its nine-foot acoustically transparent screen, to choosing a bottle from the biometrically protected wine cellar, convenience and simplicity of use are at the heart of every technical design decision. South End isn't just sumptuous, it's also safe.

Both the master bedroom and underground cinema will protect the homeowner and his family from unwanted guests. Dedicated comms and an uninterruptible power supply means the family is always in touch with the outside world.

Secure, opulent, and sublimely advanced, this award-winning London property offers the very finest in home living, complete with home technology, professionally installed.