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business sales chart graph growth profit
The market for home tech in the U.S. is alive and well, with 8,500 system integration firms operating in an industry valued at more than $14 billion.
April 1, 2015 Read more
home theater 5
Imagine seeing first-run movies at home on the same day they hit theaters. Read about a new service that allows luxury home theater owners to do just that.
November 24, 2014 Read more
frank white
Frank White's first surround-sound experience in 1981 changed his life. How far has home technology come in the decades since? And what comes next?
November 20, 2014 Read more
3d glasses
What if you could enjoy 3D movies at home without wearing glasses? A game-changing new format could make glasses-free 3D a reality.
August 18, 2014 Read more
film slate movie clapperboard
There's nothing quite like a great movie for showing off a fine-tuned home theater. Here are some great demo picks for when you want to show friends what's under the hood.
April 28, 2014 Read more
The annual CES is a window into the latest and greatest in tech, from handheld gadgets to massive TVs. Here's our breakdown of the top news from CES 2014.
January 24, 2014 Read more
movie theater seating
Called the "world's most immersive," the IMAX Private Theatre is modeled after the IMAX screening room.
July 12, 2013 Read more