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June 23, 2014   |   comments
When faced with a glitch that requires you (or a pro) to inspect your AV components, the last thing you want to deal with is a mass of tangled wires.
June 20, 2014   |   comments
Flat Panel
Having trouble with your Netflix or Hulu picture dropping out, buffering, or breaking up? We asked an expert how to get the most out of streaming video.
June 19, 2014   |   comments
Being able to control your home's HVAC system from any mobile device or Internet-connected computer can be a powerful tool.
May 27, 2014   |   comments
discreet control keypad in historic home
In addition to offering considerable convenience, today's lighting control systems can help conserve energy and contribute to household safety.
May 22, 2014   |   comments
smart tv
Thousands of kids land in the ER each year for injuries related to falling TVs, furniture and appliances. Learn how to reduce the risk of TVs tipping over.