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September 12, 2014   |   comments
The best in-ceiling speaker models can trick your ears into thinking the sound is in front of and around you, rather than firing down from the ceiling.
September 11, 2014   |   comments
ht24 2013 add3
If you crave a movie theater experience at home, a projection system is the way to go. Learn about the two key ingredients to a true enthusiast system.
September 10, 2014   |   comments
iphone smart phone
Today's smartphones have a growing number of applications for home technology; but reliable smartphone control in the home calls for some expertise.
September 9, 2014   |   comments
Stuff sci-fi writers dreamed of a century ago - and some stuff they'd never have imagined - has become a reality thanks to today's home technology systems.
September 8, 2014   |   comments
It seems like everything is going wireless these days. But when it comes to whole-house AV, many home technology pros still prefer hard-wired systems.