Best Practices

Best Practices

Why reinvent the wheel? These courses take the best practices identified in successful home technology projects and put them to use for you. Get an understanding of the tips and tools you can use to ensure more efficient processes and more successful outcomes.

Controlling and Isolating Sound in the Design and Construction Process - This course will review the needs for sound-isolated specialty rooms, including the three tools of sound isolation: mass, absorption, and mechanical isolation.

Wiring Requirements to Support Electronic Systems - This course will cover technology trends and their impact on today's homes as well as the basic infrastructure needed to support these technologies.


"In a down market we have searched for a way to differentiate ourselves from our competition. The one thing that has allowed us to rise above the crowd has been our knowledge of cutting-edge home technology. Thank you CEDIA for giving us that edge!"

Tony C., Builder and Architect
Cuyahoga Falls, OH